Re-branding with SEO

Branding is a key to success no matter what sort of business we are talking about. It is like a typical dress you wear which determines who you are. This is called an image. And if you are serious about your business, you should also make sure your business gets a good image with the support from a quality SEO agency, which helps determine:

  • Your business image
  • What your business deals with
  • Represents a professional approach
  • The total outlook works toward reaching a specific image

What is a business image?

Under business image we mean several things which make it a little bit complex: the style, the colors, the logo are all part of this imagines to help people easily recognize your business. Back in the old days, a business logo was overall used on letters, papers, envelopes and also emails.

Today, business image translates much more online than offline. However, there are several small businesses who don’t actually care much for their image. This can be because of the lack of expertise, the lack of time and the lack of a good marketing expert to advise them which way to go.

People generally tend not to turn to marketing companies, as they’ve learned that marketing is generally very expensive. However SEO is way easier to turn to and it’s also considered a way cheaper option in the public’s eye. And generally this is very true and it also fits for SEO marketing tools. By using online methods mainly to help you gain views and customers, through SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media and other campaigns and besides various other tools, SEO marketing is getting much bigger than conventional marketing these days.

Let’s see the lead components of an overall brand:

  • Business logo
  • Guidelines aka overall outlook including the style: the colors used, the typeface, the formats, the font types just everything that is part of an image

Offline part of brand outlook:

  • Envelopes, papers and all documents with logoed headers, footers, watermarks
  • Stamps
  • Wraps, stickers
  • posters and leaflets


Re-branding is a method marketing uses when it comes to changing or updating an actual image to really fir for the business: in terms of business line and in terms of giving a solid, easy to see outlook for the business, so that people can easily notice it in the future.

Rebranding and branding overall is not an easy process. In order for a professional to see what sort of an image they should deliver to you they need to know a bit about the following things:

  • line or type of business
  • business history
  • your location
  • your professional history
  • your business vision
  • your color and style preferences and no-no

Branding and re-branding is a long process as it will have to recreate just everything. Before starting up with the basics, the overall design will go through multiple phases of restructuring, revisions by you as business owner and then presenting with the ultimate design.

The role of SEO in rebranding

  • The real job where the role of SEO starts is with the creation of website that will be created or recreated with fresh, keyword-focused optimized, contextual content. Also SEO will do plenty of analytics for you on what you have, what you can expect and what tools you should or ought to use in order for your business to gain more exposure.

  • Local SEO methodology: which is great for local businesses that only need regional exposure, therefore they don’t need to pay huge amounts for advertising just everywhere. Local SEO is great because it helps a mobile friendly business website show up in all the relevant local search results.

Rebranding is great when:

  • You already have a website – but it has tiny content and it’s not properly designed
  • You have a sort of an image – but it looks like it just doesn’t work for you and it doesn’t look professional either.
  • Your website content is nil or just doesn’t seem original at all
  • You are a small business which wants to grow, therefore it wants a sort of “face-lifting” to its overall image which is already set but would need more professional and up-to-date outlook.
  • Your brand is old, works with everything pretty outdated therefore it needs an urgent refreshing.

There are tons of businesses out there that would really do a lot more successful with re-branding. Check through your website and contact an accomplished SEO agency to give you a free website analysis and consultation on how you should change your approach, how they can help you and also whether you need a rebranding or not. They will also give you a much valued SEO advice and let you know what you would need for your website to do better with or without further marketing methods.